Hair Care Products Formulation Course

This course is perfect if you want to formulate and learn beautiful and organic products.
Do you want to establish your hair care business in the future? Moglow Beauty School”s Hair care course is the right place to start. Learn how to make your own natural healthy hair products, shampoos, nourishing conditioners, hair butters, hair gel and lot more!

Baby Skincare Product Formulation Course

The explanations of each ingredient and their benefits is so well done, well detailed and informative. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in starting up a baby skincare brand or moms who wants to be in control of their baby’s skincare routine

Dark Knuckle Treatment Course

At the end of this course, students will learn the causes of dark knuckles, safe and effective dark knuckle treatment, effectively formulate dark knuckle lotion from scratch. [All Levels]

Formulation of Scrubs and Exfoliants

At the end of the course, Individuals with little or no knowledge of how to formulate scrubs and exfoliants will have detailed and brilliant information on the right usage, definition and benefits of Scrubs and exfoliants. You automatically become a Professional at the end of the course

Skin Repair And Balancing Skincare Product

By the end of this course, Student would have understood the basis of skincare repair formulation and how to formulate like a PRO.

Bar Soap Formulation Course

Gain the natural knowledge and skills needed to make bar soaps on your own.

Formulation Of Creams and Lotions

This course is designed to teach you to create your own exclusive range of organic creams and lotions. This course offers our framework with formulas to show you the exact steps to produce your own creams and lotions in the shortest period

Masters in Black Soap Formulation Course

By the end of this course, you will be able to formulate your own black soap ranging from liquid soap, paste black soap, black soap in gel form, black soap in bar form, avocado fruit infusion black soap, Lightening black soap and lot more. You will learn intensively the different and right ingredients needed for black soap formulation.
You will also learn the right pH balance for your black soap and the right lightening ingredients for formulating black soaps.