This program will enable you to formulate a wide range of natural skincare products for the face and body,

Basic Skincare Online Course

This course is for anyone who is keen to learn about making their own natural skincare . It is a combination of DIY recipes and skincare product formula. It will give you the foundation theory you need to begin to formulate your own recipes. If you have no experience or qualifications in the beauty industry and wish to know Basics in skincare then this is the course for you . You will learn introduction to skincare basic skincare steps skincare analysis also you will be able to formulate a glowing black soap, body butters, pink lips balm, acne face toners, base cream/moisturizing cream and lots more skincare products.

Baby Skincare Product Formulation Course

The explanations of each ingredient and their benefits is so well done, well detailed and informative. It is highly recommended for anyone interested in starting up a baby skincare brand or moms who wants to be in control of their baby’s skincare routine

Dark Knuckle Treatment Course

At the end of this course, students will learn the causes of dark knuckles, safe and effective dark knuckle treatment, effectively formulate dark knuckle lotion from scratch. [All Levels]

Bar Soap Formulation Course

Gain the natural knowledge and skills needed to make bar soaps on your own.


This course teaches you everything to create your own Natural skincare Brand, formulate like a Pro and also formulate professional quality organic skincare products. It is suitable for beginners and active skincare formulators.

Diploma Course In Skincare Formulation Course

What ingredients should my skincare products have?
Which area of the skin should i pay more attentions to?
How do you formulate skin treatment products?
This Diploma in Skincare Formulation Course Advanced covers everything you need to know about Skin, Preservatives, different formulation of skin products, Skin breakouts and dermatology treatment and proceedings.