Oils have been used for ages to moisturize hair and skin, but you may still have doubts about how face oils fit into your skincare routine. Should those with oily skin, for example, avoid it?


Face oils are multitasking powerhouses. They give an extra layer of protection to your skin, trapping moisture while also addressing a variety of other skin issues. Some of the advantages of using facial oil are as follows:


In order to reduce wrinkles, collagen synthesis is stimulated.

Free radical protection for the skin.

Evening out the complexion and removing discolouration

Increasing the brightness and radiance of mature and drab skin.

When used before or after foundation, it creates a dewy finish.

While these advantages are universal, each type of face oil has unique properties to consider. Here’s a rundown of the most popular facial oils.



Here’s a simple recipe for a face oil

Argan oil- 25g

Jojoba oil- 15g

Sqaulene- 10g

Hempseed oil-8.5g

Rosehip oil- 30g

Neem oil-8.5g




Vitamin e-1g

Cranberry seed oil-1g

Chamomile essential oil-1g



Step 1: Weigh and combine all of the oils in a clean glass beaker. Stir well

Step 2: Stir in the cranberry oil and antioxidants, one at a time.

Step 3: Finally, incorporate your essential oil.

Step 4: Pour into a dropper bottle.

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