Using the phrase “natural black hair” might be a bit confusing. However, you should be aware that when people use the term, they’re referring to the organic texture of black hair. which refers to hair that hasn’t undergone chemical processing through the use of relaxers, texturizers, or perms. You can frequently find phrases like “naturalista” or “transitioning” when searching online. Women who appreciate their natural hair are known as “Naturalistas,” and the term “transitioning” describes the process of going from chemically straightened hair to its natural texture.


The All Things Hair team would want to dispel the idea that natural black hair doesn’t grow as quickly as other hair types because this is a frequent fallacy. But where did this erroneous notion emerge from? The majority of the time, it’s because black hair contains short, tight curls, coils, or kinks. This phenomenon, called “shrinkage,” contributes significantly to the deceptively short look of natural black hair. If it were straightened, however, it would really be fairly lengthy because some hair types are known to shrink by up to 75%.


Natural black hair is very brittle and prone to breaking, which is another aspect that contributes to the illusion. Unfortunately, hair breakdown and growth sometimes occur at the same rate, making longer hair almost imperceptible to the sight! Maintaining and sustaining healthy-looking tresses and visible length may be achieved by treating your mane with particular care, moisturizing it, and wearing it in protective hairstyles.


Natural black hair may be effectively moisturized and kept smooth and supple by using moisturizing hair oils, leave-in conditioners, restorative hair serums, and treatments. However, excessive handling is another cause of natural hair breakage, thus preventive style is crucial to protect your hair from excessive handling and other elements. Protective hairstyles too also play a role…….

To be continued…..

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