Hi everyone, Happy New Year!!!  This happens to be our very first blog post of the year,  how far gone are you in your new year resolutions?

In this post we will be focusing on who a skin care formulator is…. Is making skincare products a hobby for you?  Or  its just means of making money? Do you actually have passion for it? Or you just picked interest simply because its in vogue?

                                                WHO IS A SKINCARE FORMULATOR

Formulation is more than just combination of ingredients, yes it is more than DIY’s, it goes beyond just a hobby.

It is simply understanding the science of skin, ingredients, and carefully crafting your products. It’s about perfecting the skill of carefully picking and blending ingredients to create something that’s not just safe, stable, and functional, but also unique to you. As a beginner when formulating products and you see what they can do, you gain confidence, you are able to sharpen your skills and you will experience the benefit of organic skincare.


Skincare formulation is all about honing your skills and going beyond the fundamentals. Developing the hands-on, practical abilities to design whatever product you wish, as well as equipping yourself with the tools and knowledge to think like a professional. It’s also about ensuring that you know what you’re doing, that you’re doing it correctly, and that you have the discernment to recognize when a method is proper or not, thanks to  training. Being a skincare formulator entails learning the skills necessary to ensure that your products are safe, stable, and effective.

As a skincare formulator you raise awareness. People are increasingly seeking natural and organic alternatives as they become more aware of chemicals that are unpleasant, dangerous, or poisonous. People are fed up with trying items that either don’t work or worsen the situation. They want to find skin-friendly solutions that will nurture, feed, refill, and protect their skin. You feel confident when your skin is healthy, as if you’re gleaming from the inside out! And that sensation of well-being is both physical and mental. You may make people feel joyful, confident, elevated, revitalized, and improve confidence in a variety of ways as a natural skincare formulator.


It’s all about changing dull, dry, and weary skin into smooth, radiant, healthy skin—but it can also be so much more!

If you’re ready to devote your time and efforts to studying how experts create these incredible natural and organic products, the Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation is for you. You’re ready to connect with other students and graduates, get help from professionals while studying, and apply what you’ve learned with hands-on practice that strengthens your abilities right now. You’re all set! And we’d be delighted if you could join us. Come see us and start your journey to being a natural skincare formulator.

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